Miniatures chocolate cake
	scale 1:12


    Miniature wedding cake 1:12


    Miniatures bread 1:12


    Miniatures shoes scale 1inch

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12th scale miniatures for dollhouses and collectors


Miniature world, 
newspaper about miniatures

Scandinavian chairs through history, all in the one place. If you'd like to know the story behind each chair you can go to
Miniatyr Världen, Sweden's biggest newspaper dedicated to miniatures is also a great way for you to stay in touch with the world of miniatures. Visit

Largest collection and variety in dolls, teddy bears and dollhouse's miniatures. Collectors can shop for everything in the one place - famous dolls finished to the highest quality, well-known teddy bear brands, such as Steiff or Hermann Teddy, and doll house accessories, all at Margaretha's Dollhouse.






Do you need any inspiration or help with photo design or digital postcards? Visit













For knitted doll clothes and materials you can visit
Miniatures sandwich cakes scale 1:12

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