12th scale miniatures for dollhouses and collectors
Miniature chocolate cake 1:12


    Miniatures wedding cakes 1:12


    Miniatures bread 1:12


    Miniatures shoes


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Doll's House Festival in Farum, Denmark, has a long tradition. It takes place every year on the last weekend in April. It was the 17th miniatureshow in Farum this year and there were 56 exhibitioners from 9 countries. For more about The Danish Doll's House Festival you can read here.

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The below pictures are from the festival 2010:

 Valbebi Miniatures, Sweden :

                   Danish Doll house festival exhibition

                   exhibition Farum festival 2010

                   Doll's house handmade miniatures scale 1 inch

                   Miniatures handmade wedding cakes exhibition

                   fantastic miniature cakes measure 1:12 exhibition

Pictures from other exhibitioner:

 Miniatyr Världen, Sweden:

         miniature spinning wheel 1:12

                   miniatures furniture 1:12

                   miniature bread boxes and trinkets 18th century

 Kottetoys, Sweden:

                   Scandinavian miniature chairs through the history

                   Miniatures furniture exhibition

                   Miniatures Dollhouse exhibition

Annelies de Kort, Holland:

                   Miniature knitted clothes exhibition

                   Miniatures knitted clothes

Fashion Dolls in Miniature,Belgium:

                   Miniatures dolls 1:12 exhibition

                   Handmade miniature dolls 1:12

Vonas miniaturen, Holland:

                   Miniatures 1:12

                   Miniatures ivory exhibition 1:12

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